Steps Required to Finalize Your Settlement:

Steps Required to Finalize Your Settlement:

File a report of the settlement to the court

personal injury solicitorYou need to inform the court about the case has settled if you’ve filed a lawsuit so it can issue an order of settlement.

Sign a release of settlement.

Before you can receive a settlement, the defendant’s attorney will ask you and your spouse to sign a release that indicates that you are giving your rights forever to sue the dependant who caused your injuries.

Within 30-60 days complete all paperwork

personal injury claimYou will need to complete all the settlement paperwork within 30 to 60 days; this will vary depending on the court. This process can be handled quickly if attorneys agree on the terms of the release.

Pay unpaid medical liens/bills.

Within a few weeks after completing the paperwork for your personal injury case, you will usually receive your settlement — the first thing you might want to settle the unpaid medical expenses.