Annulment Vs Divorce Mediation For You

A common mistake is that if you want to have a divorce, you have the option to have your marriage annulled alternatively. This is not correct in most cases, even if you’ve only been married for a long time. We want to share this info from the best divorce mediation Reno can provide.

In fact, when we talk about annulment vs. divorce, divorce is more convenient because all states have no-fault divorce. Grounds for annulment are quite distinct, and you must explain to them if you want your marriage annulled.

In some states, if your husband and wife agree to an annulment, you may not have to go to court. A cancellation in California, however, usually demands a hearing. You might check with your county clerk to see if your state needs a trial.

If you’re making more money than your spouse, you may want an annulment because there’s usually no alimony in an annulled marriage. Your spouse, however, could be granted interim support during the annulment process.